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Jun 14
Hutch Introduces Revolutionary ‘ONELOAD’

Hutch Sri Lanka has launched a revolutionary service called “Oneload.” This pioneering initiative offers a unique solution, ensuring customers always have an option for seamless connectivity. With Hutch One-load, staying connected has never been easier, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility for all users. Celebrate Life Without Worries One of the key benefits of Hutch ‘Oneload’ […]

May 31
O/L and A/L Exam Results: How to Check Results Mobile and Website

FIND YOUR EXAM RESULTS HERE. O/L and A/L Exam Results Release to Sri Lanka Examination Department official website Few years ago, official website was slow as huge web traffic. If such a web traffic occurs this year, use below websites or check via SMS 1. Official websites  2023 GCE (A/L) results out before next […]

May 14
Dive into Pixel Bloom: Colombo’s Digital Wonderland

Pixel Bloom; South Asia’s first immersive and interactive digital art experience, was held at the Colombo Lotus Tower. The event, which took place over several days, was a fusion of art, technology, and culture, showcasing the latest trends in digital art and creating a mesmerizing experience for attendees. The Concept of Pixel Bloom The genesis […]

May 01
#1 හෙළකුරු (Helakuru) – Discover Real-time Unicode and Sinhala Font

Sinhala keyboard app that makes typing Sinhala faster than ever before. Typing in සිංහල (Sinhala) on your iOS, Android Mobile phones and tablets as well as Computer and Laptops. Just got easier with Helakur’s Sinhala typing keyboard for Android, iOS, Windows Linux and MacOS. Intended for use with a normal QWERTY (English) keyboard. Services by […]

Apr 28
Find and list of Top Best Hardware Stores in Sri Lanka

Explore best Hardware Stores and wholesale items Dealers in your city Looking for Best Hardware Shops in across Sri Lanka? Add your Store Listing in Classifylanka which is free business directory in Sri Lanka When Selecting a Hardware Stores, What to Look for? In Sri Lanka, be cautious when selecting a hardware shop. Some of the most important include: Hardware Shop Items There are […]

Apr 20
Breaking Boundaries: Yadea E-Bike Launches Sri Lanka-wide

Feel the electrifying power of the global leader in electric two-wheelers, now in Sri Lanka, exclusively at Abans Showrooms. In the dynamic landscape of sustainable transportation, Yadea e-bikes emerge as pioneers, melding innovation with eco-conscious mobility solutions. Delving into the Yadea e-bike guide, one uncovers a realm of sophisticated engineering and ergonomic design tailored for […]

Mar 11
Offers for Iftar and Sohour during Ramadan in Sri Lanka

As people try to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan, Offers for Iftar and Sohour are growing in popularity in Sri Lanka. Muslims can more easily eat delectable food and spend time with their relatives and friends thanks to the numerous restaurants and hotels in Sri Lanka that provide special discounts and […]

Mar 02
Top 5 Exclusive Business Directories in Sri Lanka

Hello, young learners! Today, we’re going to talk about something really cool for grown-ups called “business directories.” Have you ever wondered how people find out about different shops and services? Well, one way is through these directories. We’re going to explore the top 5 business directories in Sri Lanka, which can help businesses reach more […]

Feb 25
Sri Lanka’s Digital Payment Revolution: From Cash to QR Payment

In recent years, Sri Lanka has witnessed a monumental shift in its payment landscape, moving away from traditional cash transactions towards the convenience and efficiency of digital payments. One of the key drivers of this transformation has been the widespread adoption of QR codes as a means of facilitating cashless transactions. Are you a business […]

Feb 15
Start a Profitable Cake Business in Sri Lanka from Home Through These Easy Steps

Are you passionate about baking and dreaming of starting your own cake business in Sri Lanka? With the right approach and a bit of creativity, you can turn your love for baking into a successful venture right from the comfort of your home. Are you a business owner and want your Cake Business on the […]