Breaking Boundaries: Yadea E-Bike Launches Sri Lanka-wide

Feel the electrifying power of the global leader in electric two-wheelers, now in Sri Lanka, exclusively at Abans Showrooms. In the dynamic landscape of sustainable transportation, Yadea e-bikes emerge as pioneers, melding innovation with eco-conscious mobility solutions. Delving into the Yadea e-bike guide, one uncovers a realm of sophisticated engineering and ergonomic design tailored for urban commuters and eco-enthusiasts alike.

Yadea E-Bike – Sustainable Mobility Soars

Anyone who scans the QR code will see the group’s About page and can ask to join.

Yadea Bike Abans:

Partnering with esteemed distributors like Yadea Bike Abans, the brand extends its reach, ensuring accessibility across Sri Lanka. Abans’ commitment to quality and service seamlessly aligns with Yadea’s ethos, fostering a symbiotic relationship aimed at enhancing the electric biking experience.

ජීවන වියදම වැඩි මේ කාලෙ – පෙට්‍රල් වියදමින් නිදහස් වෙන්න

Yadea E-Bike Sri Lanka

Yadea e-bike showroom Sri Lanka:

Step into a world of electrifying possibilities at the Yadea e-bike showroom in Sri Lanka. Here, sleek designs harmonize with cutting-edge technology, inviting enthusiasts to explore the future of transportation firsthand. Knowledgeable staff stand ready to guide patrons through the myriad features and benefits of Yadea’s electrifying lineup.

From bustling city streets to serene countryside vistas, Yadea e-bikes redefine mobility, merging sustainability with style. As the world embraces the shift towards eco-friendly transportation, Yadea remains at the forefront, driving innovation and inspiring a greener tomorrow.

Price for Modules

Yadea prices (Inclusive VAT) with effect from 1st of January 2024

  • Ezeego Rs. 599,950.00
  • E8S Rs. 624,950.00
  • T5 Rs. 447,950.00
  • Ruibin Rs. 399,950.00


  • Cash: Rs. 10,550/-
  • Lease Rs. 14,550/-


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Who is main dealer for Yadea E-bike Sri Lanka

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How long does it take to charge a Yadea E-Bike?

Charging times may vary depending on the model and battery capacity, but typically range from 4 to 6 hours for a full charge.

What is the range of Yadea E-Bikes on a single charge?

Yadea E-Bikes offer impressive range capabilities, with some models reaching up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, ideal for longer rides or daily commutes.


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