Lotus Tower | Everything you need to know about නෙළුම් කුළුණ

The tallest tower in Sri Lanka is the Lotus Tower, which stands at a height of 350m (1,148.3 feet). The tower is located in the capital city of Colombo, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

Lotus tower sri lanka

Is lotus tower open for public now ?

Yes…, will open its doors to the public on September 15 2022

What is the entry fee of Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna)?

Locals normal pass : Rs 500
Locals unlimited pass : Rs 2000
Foreigners : US$ 20


Height350m (1,148.3 ft)
Other NamesSinhala: නෙලුම් කුලුන
Tamil: தாமரைக் கோபுரம்
LocationColombo, Sri Lanka
Use ForTelecommunications, Hospitality, Events, Tourist Attraction, Retail, Digital Terrestrial
Floor Count13
Lifts/Elevators8 Lifts
Construction Start2012-2019
Opened for Public15/Sep/2022

The tower is the tallest building in Sri Lanka and has the highest public observation deck in South Asia. The tower’s design was inspired by the lotus flower, hence its name.The tower is managed by the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). The Lotus Tower is a communication tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was built by China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

What is inside the tallest tower of Sri Lanka?

Inside the tower, there are four floors that are open to the public. The first floor is home to a museum that tells the story of the tower and its construction. The second floor contains a sky deck, which offers stunning views of Colombo and the surrounding area. The third floor is home to a restaurant and bar, and the fourth floor is an event space that can be rented out for special occasions.where the fifth floor contains luxury hotel rooms and huge ballrooms. The seventh floor of the tower hosts an observation deck.The deck offers views of Colombo, its harbour and surrounding areas such as Galle Face Green, Fort Railway Station and parts of Mount Lavinia. The petals  are made of glass, while the frame is made of steel, illuminated by color-changing LED lights. The tower is also illuminated with  beautifully decorated interiors.There are four entrances to the tower, and two serve as VIP entrances (distinguished guests and state leaders). The tower consists of four sections: Tower Base, Tower Stem, Tower House, and Antenna Mast. These areas contain a variety of places worth exploring.

The multi-functional tower is one of the most important attractions in Sri Lanka and an epitome of  Sri Lankan culture, wealth and development. Hence, the beautiful Colombo Lotus Tower  is the pride of Sri Lanka, fueling the flourishing  developments of the Sri Lankan economy.

This charming and stately tower will function as a broadcasting tower for radio and television broadcasts. Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national distributor of ICT solutions, is the telecommunications services partner of the Colombo Lotus Tower. 

It is certainly one of the most notable monuments in Colombo and should not be missed if you are visiting this beautiful city.


  1. Tallest Completed tower in South Asia.
  2. 11th Tallest completed tower in Asia.
  3. 19th tallest completed tower in the world.

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