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Applying for a job in Sri Lanka? This guide has the tips, examples, & requirements needed to write the perfect Sri Lankan CV. Create your today!

Sri Lanka CV Requirements

CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to interview.It provides a summary of experience and skills of the candidate who apply.

The following below is pretty standard.

1. Personal Information:-

The only personal information required for an Australian resume is your contact information – your name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address.

2. Objective

Objective should be brief three to five lines – and should give a clear description of the experience you are bringing to the position, and what your goals and ambitions are for the role you are applying to.

3. Previous work experience

Use previous work history. The structure to follow for each role is:

Job title, Company Name, dates, what you did, for whom and when.

4. Education

List your relevant degrees and diplomas in order, including dates. Include the name of the Institute with detail.

5. Skills

Simple list of skills kept separate from your work history.

6. References

Not necessary to provide references until requested to by an employer or recruiter.

Free CV template from Classifylanka.com

Written and correctly formatted resume is integral to your job search. When applying for positions in Sri Lanka, find your dream job today !
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