Must-Try Street Food in Sri Lanka – Foods & Drink To Try On Your Next Trip

Have you ever tasted some of Sri Lankan’s incredible street food?

One of Sri Lanka’s largest cities is Colombo. Colombo will always remain a top travel destination for foodies, whether they prefer street food, traditional Sri Lankan Dishes or south Indian dishes. Therefore, if you’re new to the area and searching for the best street food in Sri Lanka, you shouldn’t miss out on these top spots.

Best Sri Lanka Street foods near me. PS: This is not a ranking of 1-10 in any sort, they are just our top pick by food bloggers.

How to eat Sri Lanka street food safely?

I can understand if you are afraid to try street food in Sri Lanka due to concerns about hygiene. There are additional specifics in this page on How safe is the street food in Sri Lanka

Most of the street foods are located in Aluthkade (Puthukade). We’ve put together a list of best street foods in Sri Lanka. Here are some delicious Sri Lankan street food dishes that you must try at least once.

  1. Achcharu
  2. Kottu
  3. Egg Hoppers
  4. Polroti with Pol Sambol
  5. Vadei / Isso Vadai or Prawn Vadai
  6. Thambili With Lemon

Street Food Court available Location

  1. Cinema Puram is recently opened street food cafe in Bambalapitya
  2. Food Darbar in Kollupitiya
  3. Sweet Vibes in Marine Drive, Bambalapitya
  4. Aluthkade Street Food court

1. BBQ Hut – BBQ / Briyani

Street Food in Sri Lanka

2. Osama Cool Spot

Street Food in Sri Lanka

Open : 2:30 PM – 2.30 AM
Badam Milk, Lemon, Orange, Passion/ Water Malon
Location : Aluthkade

3. Sumiiz Foods

Street Food in Sri Lanka

Open : 2:30 PM – 2.30 AM
BBQ, Mandi, String Hopper Biriyani, Chicken 69, Thairo BBQ Portion (Egyptian, Israel & Iran BBQ)
Location : Aluthkade

4. Najla Soup Cafe

Open : 2:30 PM – 2.30 AM
Beef Soup, Beef Babath, Egg Rolls, Samosa
Location : Aluthkade

4. Kya Mia Juice Bar

Open : 2:30 PM – 2.30 AM
Sprite + Lemon + Pepper , Mandarine + String Drink + Pepper
Location : Aluthkade

5. AI Kopi Kade

Open : 2:30 PM – 2.30 AM
Club Sandwich (Chicken/ Beef), Shawarma
Location : Aluthkade

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