How To Start Your Own Mobile Shop in Sri Lanka

Now a days Mobile has become fast moving for people all over the world. Everyone uses a smartphone. Its basic use which is to connect with others easily. Interest in mobile phones and the number of mobile phone brands entering the Sri Lankan market has steadily fast risen over the last years.

We will discuss a very important topic related to How to Start Mobile Shop store or Repair Services in Sri Lanka

1. What is the mobile shop or repair services In Sri Lanka?

In the Mobile Shop or repair, the entrepreneur is selling not only brand new mobile phones but also by doing services like mobile repairing, mobile accessories and open mobile recharge shop etc.

When people mobile phones are Damaged or lost due to some reason, then the people has to either fix the mobile or else Purchase a new mobile device. This is the situation that has the ability to bring huge earning opportunity for the mobile shop business in Sri Lanka.

2. Market research

To start a successful Mobile phone repair shop, you will need a detailed business plan, market research, a legal structure for your business, a good location, funding, a team of employees ready to sell etc.

Whether you’re selling brand-new mobile, accessories or used mobile have an idea in mind, you’ll still want to carry out more market research into the product and consider:

Consider below
  • Does this phone sell in the market?
  • Are there any smartphone trends I can take advantage of?
  • Are other retailers already selling this?
  • What makes mine unique?

3. Rent a shop in Good Location

Now a days, most of the mobile phones are also bought online. So entrepreneurs should work together with their mobile shop business E-Commerce companies to take their shop rent on such a location. With the local customers as well as the online customers along. Normally 10 × 10 square feet is enough to start a small mobile phone shop in Sri Lanka, whose rent can be transferred according to the city or locality. To start the mobile phone or repair shop, Along with being a decorative shop. It is also necessary to be Attractive, transparent, so that more and more customers can get attracted.

Required to Decorate the Shop
  • The counter
  • Shelves
  • Glass drawer Chair
  • Computer
  • Air conditioning etc.

4. Choose a trusted Distributor

Next step should be to find a trusted distributor for the your mobile shop in Sri Lanka. According to the requirement of the entrepreneur, the delivery of mobile phones and accessories can be easily made at his shop cheap or reasonable prices. By buying mobile phones from the distributor. Make and promote Posters and banners can be used to help local customers. The entrepreneur can also try out various types of online marketing tools because below platforms can be easily targeted to the area.

Promote a Phone shop or Repair services.
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest)
  • Make e-commerce Website
  • Email Marketing

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