Comprehensive guide on Hambantota Birds Park

The Birds Park & Research Centre in Hambantota is not just a tourist destination; Moreover Hambantota Birds Park, it houses a research facility devoted to the preservation of bird species. Visitors can see ongoing research initiatives while they are there because the center works with regional and global organizations to monitor and protect bird populations.

It is an excellent place to visit for anyone who appreciates nature and wants to learn more about birdlife.


A nature preserve called Hambantota Birds Park may be found in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota district. More than 100 kinds of birds, including numerous migratory birds that stop by the park throughout the winter, call the park’s 50 acres of land home.


The Birds park is in Bundala, a town that is about 12 kilometers to the east of Hambantota. It is easily approachable by car and can be reached from Colombo by taking the A2 route. To get to the park, visitors can alternatively take the railway to Hambantota and then a cab or bus.

hambantota birds park


  • For bird watchers, wildlife lovers, and tourists, the park has a variety of attractions.
  • The enormous variety of bird species that may be seen in the park’s natural setting is its most noticeable feature.
  • Many bird species, including storks, egrets, herons, pelicans, and ibis, to name a few, are visible to visitors.
  • The park also has a number of walking routes that let visitors explore the lush vegetation and get up close to the area’s fauna.

Ticket Price & Opening Time

The entry fee is reasonable, and the experience is priceless. The Birds Park & Research Centre in Hambantota is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm.


The park provides tourists with a number of amenities, including a visitor center, bathrooms, and a tower for bird watching. Visitors can learn about the history, animals, and conservation activities of the park at the visitor center. The observation tower offers a fantastic vantage point from which to observe the birds and take in the park’s landscape.


In conclusion, For lovers of the outdoors and birds, the Birds Park & Research Centre in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, is the ideal location. It offers a rare chance to see and study numerous bird species in their natural habitats while also helping to preserve them. It is the perfect location for a solitary adventure or a family excursion because of its scenic surroundings and variety of activities.


What do you do in the Hambantota Birds Park?

In addition to bird viewing, visitors can take part in a number of other activities like feeding birds, taking pictures of birds, and exploring the park’s beautiful vegetation. A small zoo with various animal species and a butterfly garden are also included in the park, making it a great destination for families.

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