Online Business Ideas To Start in Sri Lanka

There are so many types of online business running nowadays in Sri Lanka. Below are some of the ideas you can take into consideration when you want to start an online business in Sri Lanka. especially for starters. we will be giving you a list of top online business ideas you can start and start earning.

ඔබට ආරම්භ කළ හැකි සහ අන්තර්ජාලය භාවිතයෙන් උපයා ගැනීම කළ හැකි මාර්ගගත ව්‍යාපාරික අදහස් ලැයිස්තුවක් අපි ඔබට ලබා දෙන්නෙමු

Here’s 5 ideas that you can consider about online business

E-commerce Business

The e-commerce industry is witnessing a top growth in Sri Lanka backed by increasing internet users. With further increase in internet service providers and the launch of 3G and 4G services and good packages set to record even higher growth. Starting an e-commerce business in Sri Lanka can be a great way to build your own brand online. There are so many e-commerce sites. You suppose to come across many existing competitors already serving clients. Try to figureout their services. Detail study on competitor e-commerce businesses and progress according to that.

Graphics Design services

This field is pretty much straight forward, depend on creativity. Graphic design and animation sectors are growing in Sri Lanka. Specially, as far as digital marketing and advertisement campaigns are concerned. If you have the ability do creative design or any other design skills that people are looking to outsource online, do it.

Stock Photography

Sri Lanka is one of the great travel destinations in the world. If you love taking photos and traveling around. Then, stock photography is hiring you! They are licensed images used by businesses, media organizations, publications and so on. Many freelance photographer can make a fairly good money from selling them, depending on quality of the photos and skills. Stock photography agencies that you can submit your photos to include Shuttershock, Getty Images and many more.

Affiliate Marketing

You just need to have marketing abilities to start this. You have to advertise and market products of others and sell their products online. In return you will get commissions for each sell. This is a passive way to income money.

else, You’re selling your own products, services or contents. Before you sell, build your website first, because it helps you establish credibility as a business.

Social Media Consultant/Service

Smartphones and mobile devices are emerging faster than ever in Sri Lanka. This phenomenon has pushed social media marketing to the next level. If you are a social media expert and helping others create their own social media presence, then you may be fit for a social media consulting business. particularly for small businesses.

Do you have any other ideas to add? Let us know in the comment below!


What are the top online sites to sell my products in Sri Lanka?


What can I sell online in Sri Lanka 2020?

  • Vehicles and Automobile Accessories
  • Pet Products and accessories
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Jewelry and wearable accessories
  • Gift Items
  • Tech Gadgets
  • Mobile Phones and accessories
  • Tour and travel Accessories

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